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L.B. November 11, 2016

Good Morning,
I have used your service for the last few years and had the great pleasure of having Jean as my fur-kids sitter. Jean was there when I loss Sebastian, Nathaniel and Petie the budgie. And with the new family members Jacqueline and Oliver, she was simply wonderful.
But this year Jean retired from sitting and being the Mama I am I worried about my fur-kids and a new sitter as am away most long-weekends and at Christmas. But Casa Meow you didn’t let me down and sent me a gem in Nadia. My worries went away the moment I met her and my Oliver took to her from the start. My Jacqueline is a wee bit on the shy side and it would take a couple of visits for her to come around but she did. Nadia and her are now buds. I know when am away Jacqueline and Oliver are well taken care of by Nadia. Who I think has a secret crush on Oliver who is a big old lovebug but that’s okay cause all the ladies do and he knows it….haha
Here are a couple of pics that Nadia had sent to me while I was away as you can see there are in loving and caring hands.

Nadia with Oliver Nadia with Jacqueline

Nadia w/ Oliver and Nadia w/ Jacqueline 

Thank you Nadia for being the loving and caring young lady you are. You’re simply the best!

M.C November 11, 2016

I have used Casa Meow for over 5 years now. They have not once let me down. Nadia goes out of her way and loves my cat. She even sends me pictures when I am away which is so great. I trust her and the service completely. I know they truly love cats and I don’t worry when I am away.

M.M November 11, 2016

Nadia is amazing with our cats Tobie and Seamus. When we leave the city, we know that we can rely on Nadia because our cats like her company. If you are looking for someone when you are away, please contact Nadia. Your pets (and you) will like her.
-Best Marcel

J.L Jan 13, 2016

Christa did another great pet sitting job for me.

L.B Wed, 5 Aug 2015

Hi Kim,
We just got back yesterday - thank you for the daily updates and of course, caring for our cats! They clearly adjusted well in our absence and are very happy to see us as we are them. Thank you for collecting the mail and caring for our plants as well. We are so pleased with Casa Meow's services - will definitely use again in the future!
All the best,

B.C Feb 2014

Hi Kim,
Plane landed on time and got home a little after midnight. Missy came to greet me with very loud purrs and kept purring most of the night. She looks great. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her. It is a great relief when I am away to know that she is in such good hands.
Thanks again Barbara

A.A Thu, Mar 6, 2014

We are repeat customers that have been using the services of Casa Meow, with satisfaction, when we take month long trips abroad. This winter we, or should I say our three Siamese cats, had the pleasure of visits from Mary. Siamese cats are very loyal to their owners so I worried they would not embrace the time with Mary during her visits. Apparently when you get some serious play time and lots of snuggles owner loyalty is just a myth.
Mary provided emails after each of her visits detailing all the cat action which went a long way to easing my separation anxiety. I came to look forward to the emails which chronicled who was sleeping in which cat bed, which toys were used in play time and updates on the general running of the household. Mary's gentle and trusting nature allowed my skittish 'forever kitten' Chula, to abandon her fear of strangers and go into full hyper purr mode in Mary's presence.
A month is a long time to be away from your home and your kitties, with Mary taking care of things we knew we had nothing to worry about and were able to totally relax. Mary has found her calling. Sincerely with cat nip

D.L Tue, 5 Aug 2014

Hi Kim,
Gandhi was just great when we got home. I am glad that he stayed clean for you this time! He has decided that he really liked all that petting and is asking for it now!! Thanks again for doing a great job.

M.K Sep 9, 2014

Thank you and Helen so much for looking after my little buddy :-)
You all always do a great job and I always refer you to friends who require sitting! Cheers!

A.Y Aug 17, 2013

Hi Kim, Thank you very much for taking care of Skittle and Kit Kat, as always, I greatly appreciate the dedication and effort you put into your job.
Skittle's coat is absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job brushing him, and I'm sure he appreciated it. Kit Kat slept with me all night, as she normally does, so I think we're back to normal here.
Thanks again for your services. Let me know if I should come by the office to pick up my key, or if you've left it/or leaving it with the front desk at some point. Until next time! Thanks.

M&M .W July 22, 2011

We would not hesitate to recommend Victoria to anyone wanting to ensure a safe and happy atmosphere for their pets while away. She went above and beyond Pebble's needs, visiting often - way more than we expected, and obviously giving her lots of love. She left us a number of souvenirs - framed pictures, cat calendar, blanket etc. that we enjoyed having. Victoria's love of pets is certainly undeniable. Also, with Victoria coming here, Pebbles didn't have to endure the proximity of other cats, since she is not overly sociable with them! Sounds like she spent lots of time with Pebbles on the porch or in the back yard.
Victoria spent a lot of time caring for our garden and patio plants also, watering during a very dry period. Overall, we enjoyed meeting her - she's very friendly, and we felt completely comfortable having her in our house. We will certainly ask her to do this for us again - hopefully she will still be available! Sincerely,
- Madeline and Murray West

K.B.Fri, Jun 3, 2011

The only words I can use for Lori is "wonderful"!!! Right from the start, she made gentle and friendly contact with Circe (who is still looking for her, two weeks after my return!), she looked after her splendidly, left informative and very amusing notes about her daily visits and in addition, kept my plants alive and the mail box emptied! It was an absolute pleasure to deal with her and I would have no qualms about leaving Circe in her care again. Thank you for everything, Lori! And thank you, Casa Meow for making my trip to visit my daughter in England a worry-free pleasure.
- Krystyna

B.M. 02/05/2011

Hi Kim I'm home and had a great vacation. Missy hasn't stopped purring since I walked in the door. She looks great. Thank you so much for your terrific care of her. I couldn't go away without knowing that she is in good hands. Bye for now, Barbara

M.L. 01/05/2011

I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my cat sitter during the Christmas Holidays. Victoria Smith has to be the Queen of cat sitters. She over-exceeded herself and I had total trust in her. My cat was beautifully looked after and I even got pictures taken and sent by e-mail while I was gone. I will definetely call you again whenever I need my kitty looked after. You obviously hire excellent people to do the job. Sincerely,-- Margarita

K.W. 01/04/2011

For two weeks over christmas we had one of your sitters, Lori Groening, come visit our cat Patches. I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the job Lori did for us. She was responsible, courteous and very good with our cat; when we came home Patches was happy and healthy. We would happily have Lori come look after Patches again. If in the future you require a reference for Lori, please feel free to forward my email address. Best, Kieran

T.R. and N.J. 27/12/2010

I hope whomever receives this is having a lovely holiday season. I wanted to take a moment to send a note of appreciation regarding Gail. Gail came into our life at a time that was extremely stressful due to some family illness, that called for us to be away for a considerable amount of time on a regular basis. Not once during that time did we worry for our pets; nor have we since. Gail has always shown genuine enthusiasm about her visits with our guys. She's incredibly communicative, reactive, responsive, and above all, professional. Our guys can by shy and finicky, but they're always in good spirits when we arrive home, without the usual resentment of having been left alone. We very much look forward to continuing our relationship with Casa Meow; in particular, with Gail - we really cannot say enough about her. Thanks very much and Happy New Year to you! TR and NJ

C.Y. 29/11/2010

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent care our little Heidi received from our new cat sitter, Lori, over the weekend. We've always had great experiences with the Casa Meow cat sitters but were especially impressed with Lori, who clearly took time to play with Heidi and left a nice and detailed report for us. Lori is fantastic! Just thought Casa Meow should know... Thanks again, Celeste

J.S. 06/07/2010

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service provided by Cheryl Cox on the long weekend. I returned from my cottage weekend to a happy, well-adjusted cat. Although Hepburn is a sweet and loving cat, she often gives me the silent treatment when I return from overnight absences. This time, however, she was perfectly contented and sociable. I think she and Cheryl must have bonded while I was away! I look forward to booking Cheryl again.. Thank you for providing a great service – Cheryl was thorough, attentive and very focused on taking good care of my baby! Cheers, Jane

M.S. 30/04/2010

Dearest Jean; Just wanted you to know how very much appreciated you are in our lives.....especially Tiger. Please have yourself a very Happy Valentine's Day. All the best today and always.

K.S. 24/02/2010

We are back in T.O. - rested and relaxed! Clearly Gilmour has also been pampered over the past week, as he has been walking us through his new routine (brushing, treats, drink from tub, belly rub) ever since we got home. OK... this is not entirely different from his old routine, but a little more intense. He's definitely been well taken care of. Thanks so much for giving Gil the extra TLC. It means a lot to us, as he is a huge part of our family. We also really enjoyed your daily Gimour Journal, and appreciate you taking the extra time to do this. We laughed quite a bit at some of his shenanigans - getting drenched in the tub is a classic. He's been doing that since he was a kitten. His fascination with bags has also been with him since birth, it seems. He's a little spazzy! Anyway, thanks again for everything, and I'm sure we'll be calling on you again to take care of our boy! Thanks!! Krista & Ami

C.W. 30/04/2010

We're back safe and sound and thanks to you we didn't arrive to a frozen home! Thank you for your usual classy and caring work. MoiMoi was his usual happy post Jean self

L.B. 25/05/2010

Hi Kim, Thanks so much for taking such good care of Socks and Smokey while I was out of town. They both came to greet me at the door yesterday evening and they seemed relaxed and content. Thanks for all your regular notes. Socks seems to have taken a real liking to you right from the start, which is unusual for him. He can be very high-strung. And thanks for keeping the place under control. I had minimal tidying to do when I got back, which was a big help after a day of travelling. It’s so important to have someone to trust to look after my two little guys while I’m away. I’ll definitely think of you when I need a sitter again. Thanks again. Lyda

W.S. 18/02/2010

Hi Erica, Thank you very much for taking care of our cats! As usual, you did a great job and we are very happy with your service! I'll go and pick up my key from the office sometime this week. Looking forward to the next sit with you. William

V.T. 10/04/2010

S.W. 20/02/2010

Hello! Vicki was wonderful, she took great care of our cats and I will not hesitate to use your wonderful service again when we next travel. Sincerely, Shawn

C.B. 30/04/2010

Oh Gail, your care for Jack and your wonderful updates bring us such bliss while we're away from our little guy! Thank you so much for going above and beyond. The little shysters are in great spirits!! Thanks for doing a great job with them, and I really appreciate the notes too! They are sooooo much happier than when I used to take them to the kennel! Thanks again!! Christina

J.M. 20/02/2010

Heya Kim... We just got back @ 4. We are tired, but my boys are pleased to see us, but not upset at all! Thanks to you! Thank you for the valentines day wishes! I hope yours was great too! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job helping our boys miss us less Talk to you soon

N.A. 08/02/2010

Hi Kim Thanks so much for you well wishes! We don't have a date or anything set yet. It's a little tricky with the immigration stuff, so it will still be awhile before we move anywhere. Likely not until later this year, so my boys and I will still need you! It will be difficult to leave and the move will be traumatizing for the boys. I also know it will be really difficult to find another cat sitter like you! Nicki.

D.S. 04/02/2010

Hello Casa Meow I wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy I am with the services provided by Jean J. My cat is always content and well adjusted when I return home and the notes Jean leaves after every visit provides me with reassurance that my girl is in good hands. Thank you, Della.

D.R. 13/01/2010

Hi Kim, I got back this evening. Lucky is all over me, I can hardly get her off my lap. Thanks, for taking such good care of her. I guess you now know why they have banned her from boarding at the vets. Her temper can be vicious. She is so accustomed to having her own way. It really is a load off my mind to know she is in such good hands when I am away. Thanks for seeing to all her messes.

M.B. 05/01/2010

Hello Kim, I just want to tell you that I'm back in town and everything seems to be back to normal in my apartment. Although Chip was still upset after all the turmoil the mini flood caused, he's much better now. Thank you SO MUCH for having called the emergency crew in my building, I don't know what could had happened without your help. I hope you're having a great start for this 2010, and I wish you the best for the whole year. Talk to you soon, Martha (and Chip)

C.P. 09/01/2010

Hi Kim My apologies for not writing sooner but I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for taking such care of Voulitsa whilst I was away. When I met you it was a great comfort knowing that she was going to be left in good hands. Wishing you all the best and stay in touch, Catherine

J.K. 13/01/2010

Hey Kim, I hope you're doing well. I wanted to send over an email to thank you for the service you've provided me over the last year and a half. I have given this new family the details for Casa Meow and recommend that if they ever need any service to give you a call. I hope that you work this region too! :) Tilly and Saber would LOVE to see you again. Anyways, thanks again for all your hard work. Take care, Joanne

A.C. 24/08/2009

I would also like to let you know how happy I am with the past services of the company. I have utilized home cat visits now twice and am so happy that I have found this company in Toronto. Cheryl Cox has been the sitter for my cats now for 2 summers and it is a huge relief, knowing that I can leave for holidays knowing that my animals are safe and sound. The kitties absolutely love Cheryl!!!

H.P. 09/09/2009

I am writing to express my thanks of taking care of my girls Luna, Mika, and Nala while I was away last week. Luna and Mika Loved thier stay and I thank you for being so wonderful with Nala who I was worried about the most she was super stressed when I left but when I called to check up on her I was glad to hear that everything was better and she was eating and drinking water even though she didnt come out of her little corner she felt at ease enough to become less stressed. The staff is Wonderful getting the girls in thier carriers to come home was challanging but your staff is so patient I was super impressed. I could not have chosen better care for my girls! Thanks Again!

C. 02/06/2009

Back + greeted by a happy cat. Thanks again for keeping him content and the plants alive (the basil is amazing!)with your usual class and care. And for the cards of course. Tate, not unlike moi moi, had his first flight to see his wpg grandparents and it was all fine and smooth. Enjoy the summer and thanks again.

J. 25/05/2009

Hi Kim, I'm back from vacation. Thanks for taking such excellent care of Lance while I was away. He wasn't mad at me at all! Wow! He's quite needy though- he slept on the pillow beside me all night, with his paw on my hand just to make sure I wasn't going to leave him. Thanks again. I can't believe how great this service is!

D. 13/02/2009

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Cheryl and all the folks at Casa Meow. You did a great job with the girls and you were so helpful with my ever changing situation after I left Toronto.

S+E 02/12/2008

We just wanted to take a minute and thank-you for taking such great care of our two beloved hymalayan cats, Coco and Paris, over the past two months. You did a fantastic job tending to their needs and keeping them happy and playful. We will gladly recommend your services to all of our feline loving friends and family.