In-Your-Home Sitter Rates: 
All prices are subject to 13% HST.
1 to 3 Cats $23.00 Per Visit 
$40.00 Two Visits Per day
4 to 6 Cats (max) $28.00 Per Visit 
$50.00 Two Visits Per day
Cats with Medication
1 to 3 Cats
$23.00 Per Visit plus the
appropriate med charge
$35.00 Two Visits Per day plus the appropriate med charge
Administration Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 11:30am - 6:00pm 
Saturday: 11:30am - 3:00pm

Note: The sitters do work 360 days a year, please email info@casameow.com at all other times, or your sitter directly.
Key Pickup and Drop-off

If keys need to be picked up prior to your service and then dropped off again after the service is completed, there will be a $7 (each direction) fee for this. However, there is no charge if we are allowed to keep the keys on file. We are fully insured for keys.

NOTE: The sitters at Casa Meow are not permitted to leave keys behind in mailboxes or in your home on a counter, table etc. We must hear from you with an acknowledgement that you are home before we drop off keys. This is part of our insurance policy.

Sitter Parking

It is the client's responsibility to provide parking. If parking is in a public lot the extra fee for this will be added to the invoice.

Extra Services
Administer meds $2.50 per dose
Administer injection $6.00 (i.e. insulin)
Subq fluids $15.00 per injection
Water outdoor garden $10.00 (max time 10 mins)
Pick up supplies $25.00 + cost of supplies
Care of small caged animal (guinnea pig, small bird) $5.00 (does not include cage cleaning)
Indoor plant watering $5.00

Other services to be discussed. 

Holiday Rates
We charge a flat extra rate of $10.00 per day for statutory holidays, and $25.00 for Christmas or Boxing Day. (Charge only applies once if you book both the 25th and 26th of December.

Good Friday
Easter Sunday $10
Victoria Day $10
Canada Day $10
Simcoe Day $10
Labour Day $10
Thanksgiving $10
Christmas/Boxing Day $25
Boxing Day $25
New Years Day $10
Family Day $10